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No other place in Norway has the same number of farmland settlements. The listed cultural heritage, Agatunet, with houses from medieval times, is an exceptional example. In this fruitful and beautiful landscape, stretching from the fjord up to the Folgefonna glacier, guests of all ages can find exciting attractions and experiences. You can hike on roads that go through fruit gardens, farm yards and raw nature. Guided fruit farm tours are offered, where you can experience the blooming and the harvesting, and walk the path of the pilgrims in the medieval days. Or maybe you would prefer to follow the steps of our queen?


Today, Agatunet is one of the few preserved farmland settlements left in Norway. Here you will find outstanding examples of West Norwegian architecture, from the middle ages until the present day.


At the foot of Folgefonna National Park, lies Bleie in Vikebygd Landscape Park. Here you can visit Bleietunet, consisting of three neighboring farms, with exciting history to them.

If you follow the border river, between Odda and Ullensvang, Kvitnaelva, you will come to Raunsdal, in Folgefonna National Park.

This hike is steep, and somewhat windy, but does not require climbing skills. The view from Solvarden (1105m) and Hanakamb (1088m) are amazing, and also offers an unusual angel to the view of Sørfjorden and Odda.

The inaugural Avalanche race (Skredløpet) was in 2007, and became an immediate success, with approximately 230 contestants. In 2008 the number of contestants rose to 270, and with a continued increase, there were more than 300 contestants in 2013.

The Road of the Pilgrim from Krossdalen in Jondal, to Reiseter in Ullensvang, and Buførevegen from Reiseter to Botsvann in Ullensvang, are restored and prepared to be enjoyed during hikes and walks at Folgefonnhalvøya.